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Buoy's Symptom Checker API allows clients to implement an artificially intelligent chat-based medical triage tool, similar to that of Buoy's web-based experience. Users can chat about their symptoms with Buoy and, from causes to severity, get clinical insight into what may going on. Learn more about Buoy's symptom checker.

Buoy's APIs are built around RESTful principles, with standard HTTP response codes & OAuth authentication. Both request bodies and responses are JSON-encoded. Organizations using Buoy's APIs have access to a developer sandbox in order to build and test their product.


Request access to Buoy's APIs.

If you do not have an API key, complete the form at the bottom of our developer landing page.

Documentation Orientation

Our technical documentation is broken down into the following categories:

  • Tutorials: Instructions for using Buoy's APIs
  • How-to guides: Different use-cases for Buoy's APIs
  • Explainers: Deep-dives into how each endpoint works
  • API reference and reference guides: Comprehensive documentation for each available endpoint or topic

If you're new to Buoy's symptom checker APIs, we recommend checking out the "Interview Flow" explainer, as well as the "Completing your first interview" tutorial. More experienced users may wish to jump to our API reference or view one of the endpoint-specific explainers.

Troubleshooting and Support

Have a question? Need to chat through design? Want to submit an enhancement request? For questions not specific to your organization, create a post on our discussion board. For all other questions, email your Buoy support contact or submit a question to our service desk.

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What's Next

Once you have your API keys review the following documentation to complete your first interview.

Buoy's Postman Collection
Completing your first interview


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